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Promotions in hotels - a pleasant bonus to comfortable rest

Are you going to stay in Ekaterinburg hotels? It is much more profitable if you first know about promotions. Loyalty programs allow savings on housing to be spent on more costly activities, such as: buying tickets for visiting museums or buying unique souvenirs for loved ones. Most of the promotions are available to guests on the official website.

Discounts in hotels: current offers

When choosing a hotel room, first of all it is recommended to learn what offers are valid for this period. Our hotel tries to surprise customers with a variety of actions, among which you can find a suitable type of savings for temporary accommodation services.

Discounts in hotels August can be not only for daily living, but also for additional services including sauna. Employees are ready to provide free of charge sauna room for groups from 6 and more people who booked rooms in the hotel for several days.

Promotions discounts in hotels August are valid for a romantic getaway. Quite often hotel guests use this service because there is a special offer in rooms for 2 people. For a one night stay, the client will need to pay 2 times less money. A romantic date at the hotel will be even more affordable!

Staying at hotels in Ekaterinburg for a long time? Then do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the free conference hall for several hours (capacity for 10 people). Such a surprise will be a pleasant bonus for people who have come to the city to solve business issues. Additionaly there will be a projector and work desks available. The business meeting will be held at the highest level, in perfect silence and working atmosphere.

Did you go on a trip with the whole family? Excellent! There are always discounts for guests with children in the hotel August. For the whole family savings are up to 10% with a minimum stay of 24 hours. In addition, the client will be offered the room, which will accommodate adults and children of all ages with a complete list of necessary amenities.

Discounts in the hotel - a profitable way to save on travel

When traveling to a new city, it is important to follow the financial spending plan and not exceed the amount of expenses. To optimize them, you should carefully consider the price policy of hotels! It is better to choose August hotel, which is located near the center of Ekaterinburg. Here prices for hotel rooms are the most accessible throughout the city. In addition, discounts are offered regularly and many guests can use them when booking rooms in the hotel through the official website.

How to get a discount or take advantage of special offers? Booking in the hotel August can be done by phone, through the official website or directly at the hotel. Some of the discounts can be used directly at the hotel. The free conference room is available only after 3 days of accommodation at the hotel. However, families can get the welcome discounts when booking though the website.

Discount events in the hotel August are tools for profitable travel. Use them at the right time and transfer savings for city tours or entertainment.