Hotels in Ekaterinburg are full of variety not only in pricing, but also in the comfort of hotel rooms. Our hotel August grand opening was in 2003 and did not stop functioning for a minute. For that period we managed to perfect the entire guest accommodation procedures providing them with necessary amenities, and then won the "Best 3-star Hotel" cup in the city of Ekaterinburg competition.

The victory in the competition became an additional stimulant to the improvement of the August hotel in Ekaterinburg. In 2014, we made a cosmetic reconstruction of the hotel and we are not going to stop here. It is planned to upgrade rooms with interior design and facade to the modern style of luxury hotels. Regardless of novelties, we try to keep the atmosphere of home warmth, comfort and care.

Room in the hotel of ekaterinburg and additional services

With the course of the development of the hotel, we added new services. You can book a room in a hotel in Ekaterinburg at any convenient price and get the full package of amenities. Choose a suitable room, fill out the form and book it for the required period.

Tourists who came to our city to find new emotions and impressions can book the room and use the sauna at the August Hotel. You can relax in this place, which is so necessary for long journeys.

Additional services include conference hall rentals in Ekaterinburg. Now everyone can conduct a business meeting or other official events in a cozy and warm place with all the necessary equipment (projectors, tables, chairs, tablets, etc.).

One of the main services, which was especially enjoyed by visitors, is a cafe in the August Hotel. Dishes are delicious and fresh. The key to success of this menu was our customer care. Hotel managers select products personally. Daily purchases of fresh goods allow chefs to cook dishes that can compete with most expansive culinary cuisine.

For all customers arriving at the hotel by car, there is a large secure parking. The car will be under reliable protection during the entire stay in the hotel August.

Individual approach to the hotelvisitors of the ekaterinburg city

Customer care is truly our pride. We are ready to provide guests with laundry service, carefully cleaning the clothes of hotel guests. High attention is paid to wishes of our customers; if necessary, hotel staff can order tickets to any destination with room ticket delivery.

If business travelers are in a hurry to attend a business meeting, then they will be pleasantly surprised - we will book a car with or without a driver, so that the client can reach the official event on time. It is possible to register plane tickets and print boarding passes. Such a caring attitude is our advantage. We are ready to help clients in any matter, creating favorable conditions for temporary residence in the hotel of the city of Ekaterinburg.

Hotels of ekaterinburg jobs: we are glad to new employees!

Do you want to be a part of our team? Do not miss the chance to get a job in the best 3-star hotel. Our specialists work in good conditions having a flexible schedule and decent salary. With us you will receive invaluable experience and knowledge, which will allow you to go up the career ladder and conquer new horizons.

The statistics of hotel

768 guest stay
632 book room
1024 calls
256 breakfast